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Elite CBIM PSE Premium


Premium™ is an application designed especially for the Pharmaceutical Industry, it automates the creation and distribution of sales targets at different territorial levels and the payment of incentives for achieving these objectives, together with the generation of a full range of reports on this activity. Premium is able to integrate different sources of information.


Objectives Distribution

It distributes the national forecast to lower levels depending on the chosen criteria (Potential Market Potential Product, Development Index, Index Market Participation, etc.), being able to preset maximum and minimum limits for increasing sales at each level. It takes into account seasonality parameters at any geographic level.



Premium™ can manage different lines or sales divisions, each with its own portfolio of promotional products, incentive pay policy, additional prizes etc. Once the targets are set nationally and distributed by a delegate, a personal sales targets list is generated and can be sent via corporate email.


Incentives Calculation

Based on the degree of achievement, Premium calculates the incentives for each delegate, according to his level of success, additional incentives can be added for different concepts (involvement, absorption rate, exceeding goals, etc.).


Projections and Simulations

Premium, integrated in Elite CBIM PowerSales Edition, is able to project the incentives according to monthly results converting the incentives into a motivational tool for the sales representatives. Moreover, Premium can manage multiple simulation scenarios to allow comparison of different incentives plans.

Premium™ functional description:

  • Management objectives:
    • Establishing and managing overall objectives.
    • Establishing and managing the seasonality of area-level targets, and the calculation and storage at brick level.
    • Management rules for the distribution of total objectives at various levels (area, region, territory, brick, etc.), and automatic calculation of this distribution.
    • Obtaining reports of targets at different organizational levels.
  • Incentives management. Includes sections relating to the payment of incentives for achieving sales targets, such as:
    • Awards for product management for each employee group.
    • Management of incentive policies.
    • Calculation of incentives based on the accomplishing of objectives.
    • Forecast payments and incentive payments reports.
    • Special payments (management, etc.)
  • Projections & Simulations. Able to project Incentives at end of every the month:
    • Estimates incentives based on monthly results
    • Allows creation of different scenarios to simulate various incentives policies
    • Allows comparison of several incentives policies
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