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Segmentation Targeting Tool


S&TT is the unquestionable tool that enables you to categorize your clients along with all complementary data related to them.

The INFONIS GROUP has revolutionized the field of Client Segmentation and Targeting Consultation by offering S&TT, the only Marketing Tool with individual/personalized use, that is able to consider all different variables and elements in relation to clients, hospitals, centres, doctors, territories, sales rep´s, ect..

With S&TT,  you will  be able to create as many simulations and trial tests as you want until you come to the point where your client is fully defined according tu his potential, based on the variables previously selected, thus reaching the selected and targeted clients.

S&TT is capable of managing simple files on Excel format, for all the data used in the testing;  all variables, external files and information, and questionnaires.

S&TT, with its user-friendly application, can easily integrate an infinite amount of data taken from  a variety of sources of information:

External sources of information

Internal sources of information

Ad hoc questionnaires  done by the sales teams.

S&TT also allows the definition of functions, operations between variables, and between  segmentations of various elements.



  • Manages various questionnaires on different levels.
  • Each questionnaire can manage an infinite number of variables.
  • Each variable can have assigned ponderation coefficients and free evaluations.
  • For each variable, you can define different types of evaluations:  
    • Absolute values
    • Ranges
    • Percentages
    • Binary values
  • Capacity to combine variables through addition and multiplication functions.
  • Multidimensional vision of the segmentation combining different
  • related elements .



The possibilities are unlimited when integrating dimensions, and variables of each of those dimensions, thus allowing the possibility to contemplate complex models in a flexible and open manner.


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