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Close Loop Marketing


Closed-Loop Marketing is the new driver in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the way to approach stakeholders with tailored digital content that perfectly fits their needs. Avoid enormous amounts of “standardized” paperwork presentations. Today’s customer engagement being the final goal, this means to know what Rep’s interlocutors are really interested on.


CLM is the newest CBIM’s module that allows full customization of scientific and medical digital content for sales reps’ promotional visits, either virtual or face-to-face. The module has two main components:

  • Presentation Builder/Viewer application which enables users to create and share digital content with different in-built interactive media elements like Video, Slideshow and Quiz.
  • Web-conferencing Engine to facilitate users to conduct online meetings, disseminate information, and share & work digital content in a real-time collaborating environment.

The built-in tracking tools are transparent to the user and helps the presenter to readapt and choose future contents in a way that is more attractive to the MDs and other Healthcare stakeholders.

Presentation Builder
  • Create New Presentation
  • Controls: Video, Image , Text Box ,Tiles, Label, Button, Shapes, RadioButton, CheckBoxs, bullets, Graphs (Line/Bar/Pie)
  • Drag Drop, Resize & Move Controls
  • Insert, Move & Delete Slides
  • Undo/Redo
  • Decision trees
  • Animation 2D/3D Control
  • Audio Control
  • Single/ Multiple Answer Control
  • Answer Result Control
  • Import Power point
Presentation Viewer
  • Viewer Control
  • Online/Offline Presentation
  • Record Time spent on each slide
  • Videos Played and Time
  • Questions & Answers with Result
  • Record Scroll Down
  • Record Clicks
  • Play back
Web Conference Viewer
  • Whiteboard
  • Text, Voice & Video Chat
  • Multiple User Conference
  • Send Invites using email & Social Networks
  • It complements perfectly with the
  • CBIM.touch



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