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Elite CBIM PSE QlikView ™

With ELITE CBIM PSE, INFONIS GROUP offers its customers a complete information analysis system, with absolute freedom of handling for the user taylored to his profile and hierarchy, constantly available thanks to an automatic on-line / off-line access, it enables and facilitates the total mobility of the user combined with the solution ELITE CBIM PSE Mobile.


ELITE CBIM PSE QlikView ™ includes an in-memory analysis BI, based on its powerful Associative Query Logic ™ engine, QlikView a from QlikTech allows you to create and manage groups of data with all the links established between all the tables of the data model, whether they come from internal or external sources.


The integration of QlikView in Elite CBIM PSE is a great advantage for users because it accelerates the processes of creation and consultation of indicators and dashboards according to each profile, from the occasional consulting user to the user who makes Elite CBIM PSE the basis for their daily work.


Thanks to this tool, multidimensional analysis of the company’s sales and marketing information is more thorough and complete, contributing to faster decision-making and monitoring of results.

QlikView is currently the only BI tool capable of keeping pace with a business which is subject to constant change, enabling them to meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Once again, INFONIS GROUP goes decisively for the latest technology available in Business Intelligence, integrating Qlikview into a single product (CBIM) bringing it within their customers’ reach.


Qlikview is also connected to the mapping module of ELITE CBIM PSE, giving the combination a spatial vision that is essential for territory management. All this with a simple click, allowing navigation and simultaneous analysis of maps, lists, graphs and indicators.

By integrating a Business Intelligence tool like QlikView in a single system ELITE CBIM PSE, INFONIS Group has created a new technological solution concept for the integrated management of the sales force ,the Territories, the Products and Customers in a unique and exclusive way: the Customer Business Intelligence Management - CBIM.


INFONIS Group offers a full range of services Outsourcing, Maintenance, Support, Training, complete project consulting, system implementation, etc.


It is an ideal tool for management and perfectly complements Elite CBIM PSE Mobile.


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