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Elite CBIM PSE Mapping

The GIS geographical and analytical management complement integrated into a CBIM system

INFONIS GROUP offers its customers a complete geographical visual management system built into Elite CBIM PowerSales Edition (Business Intelligence Customer Management). It is a new form of geographic analysis as well as enabling direct planning from maps.

MAPPING has been developed with the innovative Microsoft Silverlight technology. Thanks to this new technology, our new tool offers one of the most powerful graphical interfaces on the market.

MAPPING is the first geographic management system that integrates with a CBIM (CRM + BI QlikView). This allows us, at first glance, to reflect on a map all the analytical information in a dashboard with the possibility of planning work routes at the same time. You always have access to the details of street location plus the view of the dashboard with the KPI's needed to support the decision-making of the delegates.

Mapping has the option to attach to a fine territorial reassignment module, Visual Re-Assignment, that runs directly from the maps themselves.

For MAPPING users it is a great advantage because they can directly access all information through the same map:

  • Business Data,
  • Impacts,
  • Objectives,
  • Incentives
  • Sales data,
  • Market Share,
  • Coverage data
  • And more kpi's.

MAPPING can also:

  • locate pharmacies and medical centers on the map,
  • Perform the appropriate actions for each item :
    • Planning visits to doctors
    • Planning visits to Pharmacies
    • Ordering from pharmacies,
  • Show routes, plan routes, create the optimal visit route!
Last Updated on Thursday, 23 June 2011 22:35