Super Team



Elite.kms is a complete Learning Management System designed to support the commercial and marketing activity of the pharmaceutical Sales forces.


This solution keeps the sales team trained and informed with full geographical and timing flexibility.


This tool is able to manage e-Learning contents, e-Learning team activities as well as to check and reinforce the knowledge of the Sales force.


Elite.kms is a modular system, which is extendable and parametric. It can be fully adapted to every client’s specific requirements.


It is important to point out that the system has been designed according the e-learning ADL SCORM norms. This alows an easy integration of third party contents.

Elite.kms can be combined with ELITE CBIM PSE to reach a total integration with all the sales force data, completing thus the Knowledge Management Strategy of the company.


Thanks to Elite.kms our clients can:

  • Accesse-Learning training courses from anywhere.
  • Manage training resources (students, users, contents)
  • Publish training and informative contents.
  • Manage knowledge of the whole company.
  • Organize virtual team classes.


Main functions of the tool:

  • Import/Publish SCORM contents
  • Execute contentsSCORM 1.2
  • Manage contents.
  • Contents Creationbased in forms
  • Creation of evaluations
  • Management of Users / Profiles / Groups.
  • Management of Training Plans
  • Management of the Training Catalogue
  • Tools of Evaluation and Reports
  • Tools of Communication and team work(mail, forums, chats).
  • There are Elite.kmsmodules on different platforms: Web, Client-Server and PDA.