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Elite CBIM PSE Investments Management

INFONIS GROUP offers its customers a complete system for managing direct investments.

The system can manage all types of collaboration: Congresses with travel expenses and / or housing, and grants to associations, public relations, scientific studies, etc.

ELITE Investments Management is modular, customizable, fully adaptable to the requirements of each company and fully scalable, regardless of the size of the sales network.

ELITE Investments management complies with legal and ethical obligations. The application has an intuitive search system to making work easier for users. It allows linking the tool to travel agents / hotels with which customer usually works, automating the processes required by those investments.

Elite Investments Management permits the simplification of investment management for both Sales Reps and headquarter users and enables faster processing of transactions.


ELITE investments management has the following technical features:

  • Creation of any type of collaboration
  • Creation of all kinds of rules specific for each collaboration
  • Management of resulting budget
  • Management and allocation of related costs
  • Creation and tracking of different validation workflow defined by the customers themselves
  • Automatic creation of documents to be sent to the corresponding authorities and invitations to doctors
  • Ability to manage customer segments subject to different rules
  • Possibility of establishing early warning systems for each user category
  • Creation of all kinds of reports for monitoring operations following the laboratory’s needs



The perfect solution for the control of your investments management


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