Super Team


Today sales forces may not be well-aligned with market potentials on a given territory or there may be a lack of productivity or they may simply be over-dimensioned. We at INFONIS know how to cover sales objectives at the minimum cost. Technology helps to that purpose as far as it is accompanied by the analysis of trusted information captured on the field. So, ergonomics, productivity, focus and automation are keywords for any sales force to become efficient, i.e., cost-effective.

We help our clients providing an exquisite consultancy to make them understand the new scenarios and the accompanying change management. Also we provide insights on best practices to reach the right balance between sales force activity and the corresponding enabling technology. Micromarketing, multi-channeling, closed loop marketing, e-detailing, … these are the new concepts to be managed by sales teams today with the help of technology. And at INFONIS we know how to.


Last Updated on Friday, 22 July 2011 10:25