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Elite CBIM PSE PowerSales Edition

A totally online-offline system


Launched in March 2011, CBIM is the result of the INFONIS move to the Cloud, and the basis upon which INFONIS replies to the Industry needs. CBIM stands for Customer Business Intelligence Management and reflects the unique integration of CRM and BI functionalities in a single product.

INFONIS releases its new blockbuster software on a SaaS-based delivery model. This essentially means that no software is licensed nor managed by the clients. This has a strong impact in cost by dramatically reducing TCO while generating efficiencies for IT resource reallocation. On the counterpart, clear requirements and specifications are needed which demand an up-front effort. INFONIS product CBIM and its modules have been developed in a way the SaaS model successfully resolves the trade-off.

From a functional perspective, the integration of CRM and BI (plus Mapping as an additional functionality for routing, re-scheduling and in-field analysis) has led to a unique tool in the market that solves in a powerful and easy way – thanks to QlikView™ –, as well as in a dramatically economical way, all transactional and analytical needs that Sales Managers and Commercial departments have been looking for many years, while improving Rep’s both satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, the possibility to interface CBIM with other components of the INFONIS software suite like, for instance, CLM for micro-marketing purposes, or PREMIUM for objectives and incentives calculations, will provide a 360o vision on Sales from a single vendor, therefore guarantying system coherence from all perspectives.

From account managers to helpdesk agents, from consultants to technicians, the whole organization at INFONIS has been educated and trained under this new model “in the Cloud”, in order to deliver high quality and cost competitive services.

ELITE CBIM PSE is the tool you need to optimize your sales force results with proven results and the latest available technology.

ELITE CBIM PowerSales Edition has the following modules:

  • ELITE for today
  • Agenda / Planification
  • Activity Report
  • Client Database management
  • Sales Integration
  • Statistics Reports
  • OLAP Sales Analysis
  • Analysis Tools(PRS)
  • Expenses Management
  • Investments Management
  • e-Learning KMS
  • S&TT
  • Coaching
  • Personnel Evaluation
  • Orders Module (OTC)
  • Objectives & Incentives Calculation (PREMIUM)
  • BI (QlikView)
  • Worldwide Mapping (GIS+Planning)
  • Mapping Driven Re-Assignment Module

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